November 18, 2011

Congressional supercommittee may cut science funding by 8% in 2013

From Annalee Newitz's November 4 article in the Washington Post:

With the congressional supercommittee's debt-reduction deadline approaching, federal funding of basic scientific research -- from the Energy Department, the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and many others -- could be on the chopping block. If the supercommittee can't reach an agreement, an across-the-board, $1.2 trillion cut will automatically kick in, and it could slash science funding by 8 percent in 2013, according to a recent estimate by Michael Lubell of the American Physical Society.
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November 11, 2011

OSTP call for comment on access to data and publications from govt.-funded research

From Clifford Lynch, Director of the Coalition for Networked Information, on the CNI-ANNOUNCE listserv:

The U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy has issued two calls for public comment. One deals with policies for access to journal articles reporting on federally funded research. This is somewhat similar to a call that was issued last year. The second covers policies related preservation, access and reuse of data created as part of federally funded research programs. I believe that one or both of these topics are of interest to many institutions and individuals within the CNI community, and that our community has a great deal of good advice and insight to offer OSTP.

These calls can be found at (data)

and (publications)

The Response Date for the former is January 12, 2012, and the Response Date for the latter is January 2, 2012.

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November 4, 2011

ArXiv gets planning grant

From Cornell University's Oct. 25 press release:

Thanks to a generous award from the Simons Foundation, Cornell University Library will take a major step toward building a permanent governance model for arXiv, the free scientific repository that has revolutionized the way scientists share information.

The Simons Foundation, which is based in New York City, has provided a $60,000 planning grant to support the development of a governance model that will guide the online repository's transition from interim to long-term governance.


The work proposed in the planning grant has already begun, and it will continue through April 2012. The grant supports multiple goals:

* Developing a set of arXiv operating principles and seeking input from key stakeholders;
* Refining the institutional fee model and revenue projection;
* Delineating a governance model and bylaws that clearly define roles and responsibilities for the Library and its partners; and
* Establishing an initial governing board that reflects the financial contribution levels of major stakeholders and the scientific community.

The University of Minnesota is an institutional supporter of arxiv.

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