January 25, 2013

Mathematicians launch series of community-run, open-access journals

From an article by Richard Van Noorden in the January 17 issue of Nature weekly:

Mathematicians plan to launch a series of free open-access journals that will host their peer-reviewed articles on the preprint server arXiv. The project was publicly revealed yesterday in a blog post by Tim Gowers, a Fields Medal winner and mathematician at the University of Cambridge, UK.

The initiative, called the Episciences Project, hopes to show that researchers can organize the peer review and publication of their work at minimal cost, without involving commercial publishers.

"It's a global vision of how the research community should work: we want to offer an alternative to traditional mathematics journals," says Jean-Pierre Demailly, a mathematician at the University of Grenoble, France, who is a leader in the effort. Backed by funding from the French government, the initiative may launch as early as April, he says.


For the Episciences Project, the CCSD plans to create a publishing platform that will support online peer-reviewed journals. Each journal, or 'epijournal', would have its own editor and editorial board, and authors could submit their arXiv-posted papers to their journal of choice. The journal would then organize peer review, perhaps using workflow software provided by the CCSD. Peer-reviewed papers would be posted on arXiv alongside their un-reviewed versions. A central committee (led by Demailly) would manage new journal candidates and make recommendations on paper formatting, but each journal would be free to set its own policies (including whether to charge for publication).


Demailly says that he expects to adjust the concept with feedback from the mathematics community. "If people want larger reviews linked to papers, or the possibility of online comments and blogs, we can offer this with only minor changes to the platform," he says. At the moment, the model's success or failure hinges on buy-in from mathematicians -- but the involvement of Gowers and other prominent mathematicians, such as Terence Tao of the University of California, Los Angeles, may help to build support.

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January 18, 2013

Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strengthens Open Access Policy

From the CIHR Open Access Policy:


Amendments were made to the CIHR Open Access Policy, formerly known as the Policy on Access to Research Outputs. As of January 1, 2013, CIHR-funded researchers will be required to make their peer-reviewed publications accessible at no cost within 12 months of publication - at the latest. While the revised Policy provides researchers with clear guidance on CIHR's minimum expectation, in the spirit of public benefits of research, CIHR continues to encourage researchers to make their publications accessible for free as soon as possible after publication. Compliance with the Open Access Policy will continue to be monitored through end of grant reporting.

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January 11, 2013

Pharmacological Reviews Moves to Continuous Publication

From the January 10 post to the Liblicense discussion group by Richard Dodenhoff, Journals Director for the American Society for Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics:

The journal Pharmacological Reviews (ISSN 1521-0081) has moved to continuous publication: articles are being published in their final form as soon as they are ready instead of waiting for complete issues. This allows articles to be published up to three months sooner than in the past. Several articles in the January 2013 issue are already online. See http://pharmrev.aspetjournals.org/content/current.

The January 2013 issue will be published in a small number of batches within the next two to three weeks. Future issues will close on or about the first business day of each calendar quarter (April 1, July 1, October 1).


Readers have the option of being notified when new articles are published and/or when an issue is complete. Pharmacological Reviews generally publishes 8 to 10 articles per issue. Articles may be published singularly or in small groups. The number of continuous publication alerts will average less than one per week.

Pharmacological Reviews articles will continue to be paginated sequentially, and each will be assigned to a volume and to a quarterly issue for clear citation. The journal is published as one volume per calendar year.

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January 4, 2013

2012 Growth in Open Access

From Heather Morrison at Simon Fraser University's School of Communication:

2012 was yet another awesome year for open access growth. To illustrate just how far we've come: a BASE search of over 2,400 repositories now searches over 40 million documents. The DOAJ article search is inching up to the 1 million article mark, demonstrating that the growth in gold OA is not just in OA journals, but more importantly, in articles published in open access journals.

The numbers:

Directory of Open Access Journals
8,519 journals
2012 growth: 1,147 journals (3 journals / day)
# articles searchable at article level: 955,720
2012 growth in searchable articles: 234,449 (642 articles / day)

Directory of Open Access Books
1,259 academic peer-reviewed books from 35 publishers
new in 2012

Electronic Journals Library
37,805 journals that can be read free of charge
2012 growth: 5,421 journals (15 journals / day)

Highwire Press Free Online Articles
2,151,420 free articles
2012 growth: 41,640 articles (114 articles / day)

2,253 repositories
2012 growth: 89 repositories (7 repositories / month)

Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR)
3,340 repositories
2012 growth: 730 repositories (2 repositories / day)

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)
40,506,905 documents
2012 growth: 6,908,293 documents (18,926 documents / day)

2,600,000 articles (from PMC site)
2012 growth: 300,000 articles (from PMC site - update schedule not
known so not sure about accuracy)
1,199 journals deposit all articles in PMC
2012 growth: 220 journals (.6 journals / day

809,849 e-prints
2012 growth: 83,886 e-prints (230 e-prints / day)

14,242 documents as of Dec. 11 - cannot find # of documents on new
site (E-LIS migrated to a new e-prints server in the past few days -
looks great!)

Social Sciences Research Network
372,772 full-text papers
2012 growth: 65,715 full-text papers (180 / day)

Open Access Mandate Policies (from Registry of Open Access Material
Archiving Policies)
353 open access policies (total)
2012 growth rate: 44 policies (4 policies / month)

Internet Archive
1,110,878 movies
110,448 concerts
1,474,756 recordings
3,781,142 texts
(new in 2012)

For more information, see: http://poeticeconomics.blogspot.ca/2012/12/december-31-2012-dramatic-growth-of.html

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