September 10, 2010

A compelling stat on the need for open access

Why should there be public access to the results of government-funded research?

Among other reasons, most government employees cannot access the research they fund!

According to former Department of Energy Program Manager and Director of the Chemistry Division Bob Marianelli: "Because of cost considerations, even at DOE Headquarters, only 5% of the employees have access to journals."

Marianelli goes on to illustrate, by contrast, the impact of open access technical reports:

At [the Office of Scientific and Technical Information], we find that these open access characteristics of unlimited distribution technical reports allow us to extend their reach and impact through collaborations with major search engines, such as Google. Through the adoption of the Sitemap protocol every word of these technical reports has been made searchable to patrons of major search engines. A large percentage of the total number of information transactions on OSTI web products are a direct result of referrals from major search engines.

Thanks for Peter Suber for bringing this blog post to light.

Posted by stemp003 at September 10, 2010 3:53 PM
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