October 8, 2010

NSF readies data management plan for Jan. 2011

Last month, the National Science Board's Committee on Strategy and Budget updated the web site for its Task Force on Data Policies (DP).

The Task Force's strategy on developing Data Policies is multi-phased:

* NSF updated implementation of long-standing data policy - the Data Management Plan requirement - should go into effect in January 2011 and will become a starting point for the Task Force. The Task Force will monitor the impact of this implementation change in order to inform a review of NSF policy.

* Considering issues of data policy, Open Data movements, and related issues, the Task Force will then develop a "Statement of Principles."

* Provide guidance to subsequent Board efforts to develop specific actionable policy recommendations focused, initially, on NSF, but that could potentially promulgate through other Federal agencies in a national and international context.

More information, including a timeline and a list of Possible Data Policy Issues, are on the NSB's web site.

Posted by stemp003 at October 8, 2010 2:32 PM
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