February 18, 2011

PLoS ONE: the world's largest journal?

Heather Morrison, a doctoral candidate at Simon Fraser University's School of Communication, obtained information from Peter Binfield, publisher of PLoS ONE and the Community Journals

[I]n 2010 PLoS One published 6,749 articles. Based on listserv discussions in 2008, the world's largest journals at that date were PHYS REV B (5782 articles) and APPL PHYS LETT (5449 articles). As of today, a search for 2010 articles at the APS website yields 6,206 articles. A search for 2010 articles for APPL PHYS LETT in IEEE's xPLore service yields 4,381 articles.

So it is timely to raise the question: is the world's largest scholarly journal now an open access journal, PLoS One?

See the full post on this topic:


Posted by stemp003 at February 18, 2011 2:19 PM
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