April 14, 2011

University of North Texas Faculty Senate approves open access policy

On March 9, 2011, the UNT Faculty Senate voted overwhelmingly to support the UNT Policy on Open Access to Scholarly Works.Work on the policy began in 2010 with the establishment of an Open Access Policy Committee. The Committee developed drafts of the policy document, revised with input from faculty members, Faculty Senators, external reviewers, and others. Faculty Senate approval is a major milestone in the process of adopting and approving this policy as an official UNT policy.


Some key aspects of the policy:

  • Each UNT Community Member deposits in the UNT Libraries scholarly works repository a final version of his/her scholarly works to which he or she made intellectual contributions. The determination of what comprises a final version is made by the community member.
  • The policy does not require transfer of copyright to UNT nor does it prescribe or encourage any particular venue for scholarly publication.
  • A UNT Community Member can request a waiver from granting UNT a license for dissemination and preservation of a peer-reviewed, accepted-for-publication journal article. The specific procedure for requesting a waiver will be developed as part of the implementation of the policy, but the intent is to minimize the effort by the UNT Community Member to initiate the request. Most likely it will be done electronically through the submission system, which will be specified as part of the implementation.
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