June 3, 2011

Australian government abandons journal-ranking system

From the Chronicle of Higher Education's May 31 issue:

The Australian government abandoned its journal-ranking system yesterday, amid complaints that haphazard ranks [...] were affecting research financing and the careers of academics. The system was part of an overall initiative called Excellence in Research for Australia, which helps the government decide how much money goes to a given research unit at a university. Aspects of the journal rankings had been considered for possible adoption in the United States and Europe.

The Australian reported in its May 30 issue that the chief executive of the Australian Research Council, Professor Margaret Sheil, commented:

"These reforms will strengthen the role of the ERA Research Evaluation Committee members in using their own, discipline-specific expertise to make judgments about the journal publication patterns for each unit of evaluation [...] [The change empowered] committee members to use their expert judgement to take account of nuances in publishing behaviour' [...] This approach will allow experts to make judgements about the quality of journals in the context of each discipline.''
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