June 10, 2011

American Chemical Society introduces new open access journals

From the June 6 issue of Chemical & Engineering News:

The American Chemical Society plans to introduce two new online-only, peer-reviewed journals that will publish research related to biological systems and synthetic biology, and to polymer science. The journals will publish their first full issues in January 2012.

ACS Synthetic Biology will cover approaches to understanding how cells, tissues, and organisms are organized and function in natural and artificial systems, and the application of synthetic biology in engineering these systems.


The society's other new journal, ACS Macro Letters, will report major advances in areas of soft-matter science in which polymers play a significant role, including nanotechnology, self-assembly, supramolecular chemistry, biomaterials, energy, and renewable/sustainable materials.


"Whether it is in sustainable plastics, biomedical materials, renewable energy, or abundant clean water, polymers have a key role to play," notes Timothy P. Lodge, editor-in-chief of Macromolecules and ACS Macro Letters. "The time is ripe" for the new journal, which will publish findings within four to six weeks of submission.

Lodge is a professor in the departments of chemistry and of chemical engineering and materials science at the University of Minnesota. He studies polymer systems that self-assemble to form nanostructures.

Posted by stemp003 at June 10, 2011 3:01 PM

Polymers may have a key role to play, but individual responsibility and laws and programs that support it, will be required to really make an impact on clean water and renewable energy.

Posted by: Dan Brown at November 6, 2011 9:50 PM
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