November 18, 2011

Congressional supercommittee may cut science funding by 8% in 2013

From Annalee Newitz's November 4 article in the Washington Post:

With the congressional supercommittee's debt-reduction deadline approaching, federal funding of basic scientific research -- from the Energy Department, the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and many others -- could be on the chopping block. If the supercommittee can't reach an agreement, an across-the-board, $1.2 trillion cut will automatically kick in, and it could slash science funding by 8 percent in 2013, according to a recent estimate by Michael Lubell of the American Physical Society.
Posted by stemp003 at November 18, 2011 10:38 AM

Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

Regards from Indonesia.
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Posted by: Kinanti at February 27, 2012 1:25 AM
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