January 13, 2012

AAP members like MIT Press start to disavow proposed Research Works Act

Peter Suber reports that Ellen Faran, the director of MIT Press, released an email stating:

"The AAP's press release on the Research Works Act does not reflect the position of the MIT Press; nor, I imagine, the position of many other scholarly presses whose mission is centrally focused on broad dissemination. We will not, however, withdraw from the AAP on this issue as we value the Association's work overall and the opportunity to participate as a member of the larger and diverse publishing community."

Soon afterward, according to journalist Richard Poynder, ITHAKA, provider of the Portico e-journal/e-book archiving service, issued its own email of disavowal.

Posted by stemp003 at January 13, 2012 10:22 AM
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