July 13, 2012

University of California Update on Discussions with Nature Publishing Group

From a February 13 letter issued by the U-CA Office of the President:

In 2010, a dispute arose between the University of California (UC) and the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) over a proposed increase in the fees that UC pays to license NPG journals. When this disagreement became public, each organization aired statements explaining its position. Following a face‐to‐face meeting in August of that year, UC and NPG subsequently issued a joint statement describing our intention to work together to address current licensing challenges and to explore new approaches for sustaining scholarly publishing.

Since that date, UC and NPG have held regular meetings, which have included representatives of NPG, the California Digital Library, the UC University Librarians, and UC Faculty from the Academic Senate and Administration. This document is intended to update UC Faculty and Librarians as well as the wider stakeholder community about the status of these discussions and to share our perspective on the current challenges facing libraries, authors, and publishers alike. It does not necessarily represent NPG's current or future positions, beyond a willingness to continue in good faith discussion of these issues through 2012.

The letter goes on to share points of agreement between UC and Nature, questions still under discussion, and the goals UC continues to pursue. It ends thus:

We recognize that scholarly communication is a complex system that cannot be transformed overnight. While our negotiations with NPG have not yet resulted in any specific proposals for change, they have been positive and productive. Although we have not yet reached agreement on a model that would allow us to add new NPG journal titles, UC and NPG have agreed to maintain their existing license while discussions continue. We look forward to exploring with all publishers, societies, funders and universities new models that we believe are vital to assure the future of scholarly communication.

It is signed by 4 library staff members and 3 faculty members.

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