November 2, 2012

Report on JSTOR Enabled Data Mining Project

From JSTOR's October 22 press release:

A team of researchers led by Jevin West and Carl Bergstrom of the University of Washington released today the results of an 18-month long study of gender inequality among authors of academic papers. The study is based on an analysis of the authors of more than 1.8 million published research articles available through the not-for-profit digital library, JSTOR.


Fast forward to 2008 when JSTOR launched its self-service Data for Research website enabling anyone in the world to explore its holdings and to freely create datasets for use in their research. Today the site sees about 700 datasets created and downloaded annually. Larger scale projects like the one undertaken by West, Bergstrom and their co-authors: Jennifer Jacquet, Molly King, Shelley Correll, and Theodore Bergstrom are handled upon request and in close collaboration with JSTOR's Advanced Technologies Research team.


While the research itself is ground-breaking, the benefits of projects like the one just released by the West-Bergstrom team can reach beyond the findings themselves. The West-Bergstrom team also created an interactive tool that allows others to explore the underlying content based on the work they have done. This demonstrates how sharing large corpora of data can also lead to the creation of new ways of exploring and discovery scholarship - effectively giving researchers another lens through which to view the published literature.

The report was also the subject of an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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