February 10, 2008

Big Day

Well today has been a big one. I started off waking up and having a huge delicious sandwich. I thought that I was going to do well on my spending today. But instead, I was talked into going to Target. I went to Rainbow and drove my friends. I don't know why I can't control myself but that's probably part of the problem. I spent 65.42 on miscellaneous groceries. Add 25 cents for the soda I bought on the way out of the store. That wasn't too bad since I needed most of it. But then I had to hear about an Aesthetic Apparatus "Crappy Poster" sale. So I spent $20 on four new posters and I got a button for free. So now I am going to buy a case of beer and hopefully it will be cheap. Oh and I won't be eating dinner out but I am not sure what I am making yet. Seeya