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Another Dinky Night?

I am soooo sick of DinkyTown. I might check out the NE neighborhood, or possibly uptown. I need to get out of these familiar scenes. So far today I have eaten only a piece of Duffy's pizza $2.94. I have also spent my entire day searching for flights for spring break. Who are these organized people who can get this done before now? I think its going to cost me 500 dollars to get to mexico. And that's if I book it tonight. I seriously need new friends they are killing me with indecision. I also made guacamole for something to eat later I cant tell what I am going to do with it, but it will be great.

Then I left to go hang out with my friends I bought a 12 pack of beer and headed over. We relaxed until about twelve and FINALLY figured out where we were going for spring break (South Padre). I am kind of bummed that we couldn't get to Europe but at least it will be hot down there. Then we went to the bar and I spent 10 dollars. It was fun but I got to get out of this side of town I hate it here it is so repetitive.