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Clean up before thursday!

Well today my bed fell apart as I was headed to school. It was a jerry rigged piece of crapt when I bought it so I didn't expect it to last long, but more than a semester and a half! Well anyways I had to throw most of it out except for this cool 70's headboard with a mirror and shelves. When I got home from school I moved it all out and went to town on rearranging my house. Everything got shifted. So everything left a trail of dust (and what was worse splinters) so I went to target and bought a vacuum and a set of sheets. I was now on a mission but it was too late to cook and clean so I, regretfully, hit up Taco Bell. Uhhhh. I hate fast food but like I sadi I needed to get this done. So that cost me 113.88, but alls well that ends well and my house is now sparkling! I went to bed with warm sheets and a sound mind.