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the eve of Hallmark holiday #1

Well as you all know tomorrow is valentine's day. Not the best holiday for guys. I am excited to see the line at the florist of the boyfriends. Everyone waiting in line sad wishing they could spend their money on anything except flowers. This year I will, happily, dodge that bullet. I have instead elected to have a girl come over for dinner. Cheap, easy, and best of all, original. If you guys think you are getting the same points for roses and chocolates, think again. I hope you guys realize that girls are completely nuts, sorry kelsey its true, if all of their friends get roses then that makes you not very special. Not to say that my idea is that great but it is something different. It is a calculated risk, she can't get mad because we are still celebrating it, but she could see it as a sweet original idea. Ha ha.

No, seriously I do have to buy all the groceries today, my limit is $30.00 (I have most of the stuff I need at home) Other than that no spending since she's buying the wine. NIce! God I hate Hallmark Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.