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April 19, 2007

3 killed in a Turkish Bible printing facility

Three people working in a Turkish publishing house, that distributes Bibles, were killed Wednesday.

Each of the victims hands and feet were bound and their throats were slit, city Gov. Ibrahim Dasoz said. Two of the victims were dead on the scene and one later died at the hospital, Dasoz said.

Police have detained four suspects.

The murders occured in Malatya, a city in central turkey known for its strong religious undertones and Turkish nationalism. It is the hometown of Mehmet Ali Agca, the man who tried to assassinate Pope John Paul II.

The general manager of the publishing house told CNN-Turk that threats to the publishing house had recently been made. It has been the target of Muslim nationalist in previous incidents.


Romania's President suspended

The Romanian parliament voted Tuesday to suspend popular President Traian Basescu on charges of abusing his constitutional powers.

Members of parliament have accused him of 19 counts of constitutional abuses, such as criticizing judges and ordering the tapping of the prime minister's telephone calls. There is no evidence to confirm these charges.

Thursdays parliament voted to suspend Basescu in a 322-108 vote, there were 10 abstentions.

Basescu has denied all of the charges.


2 miners trapped

Crews moved thousands of tons rock Wednesday in hopes of finding two men buried underneath at least 40 feet of rubble at an open mining pit in Maryland.

The two men became trapped Tuesday after a wall of the mining pit they were working in collapsed. The wall was about 100 to 125 feet tall and its collapse created a layer of rock anywhere from 40 to 80 feet deep. Rescuers believe that the men are located where the fallen rock is more shallow.

The reasoning for the collapse is unknown, Bob Cornett, a district manager for the federal Mine Safety and Health Administrationan said, but heavy rain in the area could have played a part.

The miners were buried with equipment that had radios, but there has been no communication with the men since the incident.

Crews continue to search for the men.


April 18, 2007

NBC news gets photos/writings from shooter

Two days after the massacre at Virginia Tech pictures and writings from the shooter arrived at NBC news studios.

Cho Seung-Hui, 23, an english major at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University shot at least 30 people before taking his own life.

The package appears to have been mailed to NBC News at around 9 a.m. on Monday about two hours after the dormitory shooting. It was recieved Wednesday by NBC and contained 23 QuickTime video files with Cho speaking directly to the camera, photographs and writings, NBC News President Steve Capus said.

The package was immediately turned over to the FBI, Capus said.


Some U of M classrooms closed after bomb threat

Eight buildings on the University of Minnesota East Bank campus were closed Wednesday after a professor found a bomb threat in Smith Hall.

The buildings closed were those around the Northrop Mall area. They included Kohltoff, Smith, Frasier, Johnston and Morrill halls as well as the Walter Library and the Science Classroom Building.

All classes and meetings in these buildings have been cancelled for the rest of the day, said University officials.


2 men found dead in alley

Two men were found dead late Tuesday night in an alley in north Minneapolis.

The names of the victims have not been released. The incident happened in the 4700 block of N. 6th St. Robbery is the suspected motive for this murder, police said.

A suspect is being looked for at this time, police said.


Beer samples in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin senate unanimously approved a bill Tuesday that would allow grocery stores to provide 6 ounce beer samples to customers of legal age.

The current Wisconsin law allows only wineries to pass out samples.

The new bill will help beer manufacturers to compete with wine makers, Sen. Pat Kreitlow said.


NWA pilot charged with DUI

A NWA pilot was charged Monday with three felonies for cocaine possession, fleeing police and resisting arrest and a misdemeanor driving under the influence.
Walter Dinalko, a 50-year-old St. Paul man, was driving a rented Hummer near the U.S.-Canada border in Michigan when he led police on a high-speed chase down the wrong side of I-94, police said.

After Dinalko stopped officers allegedly found cocaine in his pocket, in the car, and in his blood.

Dinalko had an alcohol addiction in his past, but he had remained sober for the last 12-years, according to friends and a business partner.

Dinalko is placed on "non-flying" status by NWA until the airline conducts its own investigation, an NWA spokesman said.


49 illegal immigrants arrested in Willmar

Forty-nine illegal immigrants were arrested during a four-day operation carried out by The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Of the 49 arrested, 18 had criminal convictions ranging from theft to criminal sexual conduct.

This operation is one of many nationwide efforts to detain illegal immigrants, said a statement from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Agency.


Missing cadets body found in lake

A body pulled from Goose Lake Monday has been identified as the missing 21-year-old West Point Cadet who disappeared from his family's home in White Bear Lake home Dec. 17.

Nicholas Rossini's body was found on the west side of the lake, three miles from his home, authorities said. Rossini's body was badly decomposed and was identified through dental records, authorities said. He was wearing sweatpants, a sweatshirt and jogging shoes which lead authorities to believe that Rossini was out running and accidentally fell through the ice.

The recovery of Rossini's body ended months of speculation as to the reason for his disappearance.


April 11, 2007

16-year-old girl raped

An 18-year-old Oakdale man appeared in court Wednesday after being charged with the gang-rape of 16-year-old White Bear Lake girl.

Allen Steven Engel, 18, and two others allegedly met the girl through a friend at the Maplewood Mall on March 27. They brought her and her friend back to a townhome in Oakdale where she was brought to an upstairs bedroom and was forced to perform sex acts on the three males, police said.

The males, who are allegedly part of the gang called the "Get Money Squad," were allegedly laughing and taking pictures of the sex acts, police said. Charges were made April 3.

Engels faces three sex-related charges, all felonies. If convicted Engels could be put in prison for a maximum of 30 years. One of the other males was a minor. He is in custody and faces charges. The third male has not been convicted yet.


Man Looses Leg in an Attempt to Steal ATM

A man accused of trying to steal an ATM from a California market Tuesday was caught because his prosthetic leg fell of while he was trying to get away.

Gregory Daniels, 48, drove to the Pomona Ranch Market with another man around 3 a.m. The two allegedly smashed a window, wrapped a chain around the ATM, and tore it from the ground using a pickup truck. The two men then loaded the ATM into their car and sped away, police said.

Officers chased the truck and the men eventually tried to flee from the vehicle. The alleged accomplice got away but Daniels was unable to because his prosthetic leg became detached, police said.

"Daniels was on the ground near the vehicle in an attempt to flee from officers," Sgt. E. Vazquez said. "However, he was unsuccessful, as his prosthetic leg fell off."


Bombings in Algerian Capital

At least 23 people are dead and dozens more are wounded after 2 bombs exploded Wednesday in Algiers.

The first explosion was a car bomb that expolded outside of the government buildings in Algiers, near the prime ministers office. The second explosion happened further east at a police station.

An Al Qaeda-affiliated group allegedly claimed responsibility in a phone call made to Al-Jazeera.


2 Killed When 3 Semis Collide

A Wisconsin state highway was closed for hours Tuesday after 3 semitrailer trucks crashed at an intersection, killing two people and spilling liquid nitrogen and diesel fuel.

The incident happened at the intersection of County Trunk T and Wisconsin state Highway 26. One semi was turning onto County Trunk T and was rear ended by another semi pushing it into the path of a third semi, police said. The crash caused one semi to overturn spilling roughly 300 gallons of liquid nitrogen, police said.

A 21-year-old Appleton man and a 65-year-old Waukesha woman were injured on the scene and taken to Waupun Memorial Hospital, where they both later died. A 62-year-old man who was also injured was treated at the scene.

Authorities shut down traffic in the area while the Fond du Lac Fire Department cleaned the area.

2 Chicago Students Shot When a Gun Accidentally was Fired

Two students were accidentally shot Tuesday afternoon in a Southeast Chicago school.

The incident happened at Chicago Vocational Career Academy. A 15-year-old boy brought a 9 mm Ruger handgun to school with him and was showing the weapon to another student in the back of his science classroom when it accidentally fired. The bullet went through his thigh and a fellow 14-year-old classmates thigh, police said.

The boy who brought the gun to school attempted to hide the weapon outside of the school after the gun fired, but was confronted by school security gaurds upon re-entering, police said.

Both boys were brought to the hospital and are listed in stable condition.

The boy who brought the gun to school will likely have charges filed against him, police said.

This shooting comes less than a month after a shooting in the schools parking lot, police said.


April 9, 2007

Pilot gets obscene

A Northwest Airlines flight was cancelled Friday after the pilot allegedly was cursing on his cell phone and at passengers.

The pilot, whose name has not been released, entered the plane and was using obscene language while yelling into his phone, passengers said. He was confronted by some passengers and the pilot then became obscene with them.

Northwest Airlines cancelled the flight, which had 180 passengers aboard. The airline company apologized and offered hotel accomodations, meals, and penalty-free re-booking.

The pilot was flown home to Detroit, and the FAA's flight investigation unit is looking into this incident.


high speed crash

A 25-mile high speed crash in Texas ended Friday with the death of a 9-month-old baby girl.

Alexxus Riza was thrown from the SUV her mother, Aimee Andrea Riza, 36, was driving, police said. The vehicle flipped several times and then crashed into a concrete median.

Riza sustained minor injuries and was combative with police upon exiting the vehicle, police said. She is charged with manslaughter, evading arrest, resisting arrest and reckless driving.


April 8, 2007

suspect shot by a pregnant woman

A woman attempting to rob the Super USA convenience store in St. Paul was shot Saturday by the 9-month pregnant cashier.

The suspect allegedly said she held a gun under a bag and the two women got into a scuffle, police said. The pregnant woman then pulled a gun and shot the alleged robber in the collarbone, police said.

The suspect is in stable condition at Regions Hospital, she will likely be charged with attempted robbery, police said. The cashier will face no charges, police said.


3 "U" players arrested

Three University of Minnesota football players were arrested Friday on suspicions of raping an 18-year-old.

Alex Daniels, 20, Keith Massey, 20, and E.J. Jones, 19 allegedly raped the 18-year-old woman Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning at their University Village apartment. The woman reported the rape Friday to a University Police Officer. Police began investigating the incident shortly after and found probable cause to arrest the players, police said.

The men are being held on $100,000 bail. Charges could come as early as Monday for the three.


April 6, 2007

Greek Cruise Ship Sinks

A Greek cruise ship carrying over 1,600 people sank Friday 15 hours after hitting a volcanic reef off of the Greek island of Santorini.

It took three hours to evacuate the ship, but two remain missing. A 45-year-old man, Jean-Christophe Allain, and his 16-year-old daughter, Maud. The two missing were in a fourth-berth cabin when the ship hit the reef and the lower decks filled quickly with water.

Whoever is accountable for this accident will be held responsible in the strictest way, said Greek Tourism Minister Fanny Palli Petralia.

Divers will be examining the wreck in the upcoming days.


April 3, 2007

2 "U" students die in seperate accidents

A 19-year-old man died Sunday after falling from the third floor of a University of Minnesota parking ramp.

Kyle Sharbonno, 19, a mechanical engineering major was sitting on a third floor ledge of the Oak Street Ramp at around 1:30 a.m. Sunday. Sharbonno accidentally fell of the ledge and hit his head on the sidewalk eyewitnesses told police.

Sharbonno was still concsious after falling and was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center where he died Sunday afternoon.

Investigators are still determining if Sharbonno was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of his fall.

The death of Sharbonno comes three days after the drowning of 20-year-old Freshman Elomo Lenya.

Lenya was swimming in a pool in a New Brighton apartment complex. Lenya was not a very good swimmer and she went under water for at least five minutes, police said.