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16-year-old girl raped

An 18-year-old Oakdale man appeared in court Wednesday after being charged with the gang-rape of 16-year-old White Bear Lake girl.

Allen Steven Engel, 18, and two others allegedly met the girl through a friend at the Maplewood Mall on March 27. They brought her and her friend back to a townhome in Oakdale where she was brought to an upstairs bedroom and was forced to perform sex acts on the three males, police said.

The males, who are allegedly part of the gang called the "Get Money Squad," were allegedly laughing and taking pictures of the sex acts, police said. Charges were made April 3.

Engels faces three sex-related charges, all felonies. If convicted Engels could be put in prison for a maximum of 30 years. One of the other males was a minor. He is in custody and faces charges. The third male has not been convicted yet.