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Kinko's/FedEx Questionnaire

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I ordered some printouts for the student group I am apart of from Kinko's online and after I ordered them, I was asked to complete a questionnaire to help them in improving their service. I started the questionnaire thinking it would only take me 30 seconds to a minute. It took me a little over five minutes. It had over 20 questions about my experience and about different printing options they offered. The majority of the questions used the likert scale letting you select from 0-10. Zero being very bad and 10 being outstanding. I thought that the questions provided were acceptable, however they seemed repetitive at times. There were a few questions that I answered that I thought I had already answered. (They had just switched the word order around a little). The questionnaire was also much longer than I had expected for a questionnaire about my printing experience. Below is a screen shot of a question from the survey.

I feel like overall this is a good survey, but would be better if it was shorter. Most people using their service do not have time or do not want to take the time to fill out a survey that will take them over 5 minutes. I had a positive experience using their website but by the end of the survey questionnaire I was finding myself answering questions more negatively because I was so annoyed that the survey was taking so long.

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Delta Airlines Survey

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A few weeks ago I went to Colorado to visit my sister. On the way back from Colorado my flight was delayed. A few days later I received a survey questionnaire in my email from Delta Airlines asking me about my experience regarding my flight being delayed. I would usually skip the survey, but ever since taking this course I have found myself more reluctant to take surveys. The survey asked me a combination of questions using the likert scale and yes/no questions. It had me rank my level of agreement about whether or not I would recommend Delta and if I had a good experience. They also asked me a series of yes/no questions as well as left a comment/suggestion box. I think that these questions were phrased well and were not leading questions. The survey was also given to me in a timely manner so. Since it was a few days after my delayed flight, I was still able to remember my accurate feelings of that day.

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