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A phone survey conducted by the Princeton Survey Research Associates International found that 22% of registered voters let their friends/followers know who they voted for in the United States Presidential election on their social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

This year was the first year that I along with many of my friends could vote in the presidential election so naturally we were all very excited to voice our political opinion and cast our vote. I think a majority of the people I followed posted who they voted for or encouraged others to vote. I think almost every single post I saw on Twitter or Facebook that day was about the election. I saw brands also post and encourage people to vote. It seemed like more people than usual were posting their political views on Facebook and Twitter than usual. This also could be because this was the first time many of my friends could vote. I am surprised that this survey found that only 22% of registered voters shared who they voted for and only 20% encouraged others to vote by posting messages on their Facebooks or Twitters. The survey had 1,011 adult participants from within the United States.

I would be interested to know the ages of participants. I also would be interested to learn if younger age groups were more likely to post on Facebook than older age groups. I would also be interested to know how it was divided in regards to voting Republican or Democratic. I also think it would be interesting to know demographic information as well.

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