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Ascendancy Research is located in Minneapolis and is a full service qualitative research provider. I started browsing on the site because this was the first site that I stumbled upon that was a Minnesota based company. I enjoyed that they provided photos of their research facilities for clients to look at. I think that is important because some focus groups and interviews need to be conducted in spaces that give off certain vibes or feel a certain way. I also thought it was helpful that the site provided hotel and dinning information on their site for clients that are from out of town. That shows that they have clients that come from out of town to use their research facilities. I also think that it shows that they care about the comfort of their clients.

They provide usability labs such as test kitchens, office and sales training, and full group rooms. They offer many different types of research. They offer consumer research, website usability research, retail research, mystery shopping, display shelving and legal research: mock juries just to name a few.

Ascendancy Research focuses on qualitative research so they offer a lot of interviewing and focus group options. They also specialize in mothers and seniors. Something that I found neat about this site is there was a link for people to sign up to participate in a study. I did not see a link like this on other sites that I have looked at. They have over 30 years of experience and are rated number one for recruiting. Although it does not say who rated them number one.

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