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This past summer I had the opportunity to have an internship at a creative advertising agency in New York City. Well I was there the main client we worked with was Bulova watches. Bulova recently created a new ad campaign that is currently running in People Magazine. I would be interested to know how effective the campaign is, every time I see one of the ads in a magazine I want to know how many people notice it. I would be interested in conducting an email survey to subscribers of People Magazine. An email survey would be the best because it is quick and allows for the use of images. Many of People's subscribers subscribe via tablets where the internet is needed so many are online.

I would ask them if they remember seeing a watch advertisement in the last issue of People. I would then ask them to write in the watch ad they remember seeing. I would then show them a picture of the advertisement and ask them if this is the advertisement that they remember. I would go on to ask them questions in a likert scale format regarding their feelings towards the advertisement and towards the brand. I believe that these questions would help gain an insight into learning peoples attitudes towards this ad.

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