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While I was in Murphy Hall I noticed a sign posted on the wall for a Focus Group. The part that caught my attention was the red bolded word "Free" followed by Food. I think that free food is a great way to motivate students to participate in a focus group. However I do not think it is motivation enough. I did contact the person in charge to participate in the focus group, nor did it seem like a lot of people did. I observed the sign for three days in a row and saw that on the third day all tabs with the contact information was still in tact. Personally I was a little wearing in saying I would participate because I felt uninformed and did not know exactly what it was for. All the flyer stated was that they wanted opinions on the next big social sharing site that they were launching. I was also not aware of who was conduction this. It says the actually study will take place in Carlson and it gives a contact name, but it does not state who is conducting the survey or who they are conducting it for. Had I known this information I may have been more willing to participate.

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