Experiments are the way of the Future

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I found a very interesting article on Advertising Age today while I was browsing the site. The article by Michael Dezso, titled "Being Right IS No Longer Enough- You've Got to Experiment" (http://tinyurl.com/ctykav6) argues that we can no longer rely on surveys to gain consumer insight and create worthwhile campaigns, we must experiment. I thought this article was interesting because I do think that experiments although expensive, are very effective in finding out how best to reach consumers and communicate to them. The article says people must use a "field researcher's mentality" to find the answer. The article uses Red Bull as an example of using this mentality and incorporating experiments into its research instead of surveys allowing them to create high levels of social engagement. As we become a more digital world it is becoming even more important to connect and engage with consumers. Engagement is the key to any brands success in todays world.

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