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Today I received an email receipt from Nordstrom for my purchase I made there today. At the very bottom of the receipt in tiny print it said, "Take our 2 minute survey" so I did. The survey took me about three minutes to complete.

It prompted me by having me insert the transaction code from the receipt that was emailed to me. After I inserted the code, it asked me specific questions regarding my experience at the Mall of America Nordstrom. The first question it asked me was to explain my experience, so I typed up a few sentences about what I purchased and why I purchased it. It then asked me a series of Likert questions regarding the store environment, sales associate, and product that I purchased. After that it listed a series of statements regarding views on fashion and prices and had me check the statement that I felt best described me. After that question I was asked if I would like to have a store representative contact me. I was given three options, Yes-by phone, Yes-by email, and No. After that I was asked to enter my age and gender.

I think that this survey would provide the company with valuable information regarding consumers' purchases and experience at the store. I looked at one of my printed Nordstrom receipts and say that the survey was also listed there. It is shown at the bottom in very small print, so I feel like not many people complete it and those that do probably had a problem while they were there that they want to report. I also believe that very few people that receive printed versions of their receipts complete this survey. You have to find a computer and log onto the site listed as well as enter a very long transaction number. Since I had the receipt emailed to me I was able to click on a link in the email receipt to bring me to the survey. I was also able to copy and paste the transaction number instead of typing it out (It's a combination of 20 numbers and letters). I think that if they put this survey information at the top of the e-receipt as well as offered an incentive, such as being entered into a drawing for a gift card more people would fill them out.

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