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I was searching the web for research vendors and came across one called Spych (http://www.spychresearch.com/). Spych provides "innovative solutions for companies seeking a better understanding of their customers and desired market segments." They use a holistic research as well as empathetic research approach. They offer a variety of research such as full spectrum development, brand and re-branding eye-tracking, experience groups, and ad testing to name a few. Their website makes it seem that they are targeting older users because they mention many times that they are "young and savvy" and can serve as your "liaison to the Gen Y and Millennial segments". This caught my eye, because what if you were looking at this and you personally were a Gen Y or Millennial segment. If it were me I would feel as if since I am in that category I cannot use their service because I am not old enough, or I shouldn't need their service because I am the same age as them. I think that they should find a way to reword this because I am sure other people around my age are in the market for research that they offer and may be offended or turned away by this.

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