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Blog #4- Free from the Architecture Program

So....what would I do if I were released from the constraints of the architecture school program? I would still want to continuing using my design creativity through interior design

I feel that being in the school of design there is a pressure to design how you think teachers want to see it. I find myself questioning what the teachers would think and what they want to see. So If i were released from the program and not required to please anyone but myself I would step outside my comfort zone and dream the unimaginable. Dubai is a great example of what can be achieved by clearing your head from preconcieved notions. It's amazing the designs that were created and how they are constructed. I would love to learn more about the engineering aspect of creating a mile high skyscraper.
Le Corbusier is a great example that I would like to follow. He really stepped outside of societys norm and created unique buildings that were still functional. He made his own design statements, which many people gave him grief for.
I would love to go to a country like Africa and see how they use their homes. I imagine they are designed purely for functionality, but as a designer, It would be great to try to transform it into a space that is inspiring and comfortable. It's always a great challange to design a space based on the natural materials around you.