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Blog #5 - The built environment

Abbott Northwestern has influenced the built environment.

There could be many different frameworks that Aboot Northwestern could fall under, healthcare provider, education and research center, and a community organization.


Clockworks could be described on many different scales. There is clockworks within the research and medications that evolve, practices, and devices. Just think how far a hospital room has come. Clockworks also evolves on a personal scale, you are born in one, most likely you visit them often in your lifetime, possibly frequent physicals, and most likely you die in one.

Phenomena can be seen through the research the hospital does, the machines that evolve and the practices that are created.


You could also look at the development of the area around the hospital. The campus has evolved into a beautiful campus, and Lake street is starting to transform also. More condo's are being built alont with new shops.

To be continued.......