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We can't forget...

Through helping other students with their research I've greatly improved my own ability to find information. In my position as a peer research consultant, this can be an amazing benefit because I'm able to guide students more efficiently and anticipate problems I would not have imagined just a few months ago. On the other hand, the growth in my research skills has allowed me to forget what it's like to NOT know where to seek information, which can lead to assumptions about what students know (or should know) about researching and analyzing information.

One of the benefits of PRCing is that we are students working with our peers, and we can connect our recent experiences to those of our patrons. So, even while I'm becoming more knowledgeable about using library resources, I need to stay aware that I am in danger of moving away from one of the most valuable qualities of a PRC -- the ability to relate with students who have never done or struggle with doing research.

When using a variety of databases and indexes and navigating the library's home page become second nature to us, it may be difficult to remember how to start over with students who may not have seen the library's home page or heard of googlescholar before coming to see us. When we forget we may lose the ability to emphasize the details that are essential to the research process and our goal of building a student's personal skills will be lost as well.

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