Target Audience

The first part of the semester has not been going so well for getting our target audience of First Year Writing Program students in. To my knowledge we haven't done any class visits for them yet, but I've been making announcements in the Unravel Workshops that I rove for. Hopefully the information will stick, even without flyers.

Even though we haven't been getting many (any?) freshman students in, I've had consultations with two seniors and a graduate student. I've heard from Franscisco that he's also met with at least one graduate student this semester. I see why our program is geared toward first year students- they are completely new to doing research and our service complements the program well. However, I've come to see that there is absolutely a demand for our service at a higher level of student research as well.

It seems more likely for an advanced student to seek out help from a librarian (and also more likely that they'll need aid from a subject librarian rather than a PRC), but I've also seen in my classes and through my consultations that students outside the 1201 and 1301 classes are also lacking the basic research skills that we are seeking to build.

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