First FYW students!

This week I had my first meeting of the semester with a FYW student. Our consultation reinforced my belief that we are providing a VERY valuable service for students. At the beginning of our time together the student seemed lost and confused about starting his project, but by the end he was ready (and excited!) to get started. Most of his anxiety was coming from not knowing how a research paper should be put together and what kind of information he was looking for, and after we addressed those topics and where he could find that information he seemed quite confident.

The student I worked with today is also a testament to the importance of building relationships with other programs on campus, especially with the FYW instructors. This student came in after getting a direct recommendation from his instructor. This instructor also has a link to the PRC schedule posted to the Moodle page for the class, right next to a link to SWS at the Center for Writing.

Business this week seems to have picked up a little. I talked to Francisco at the end of his shift and he had worked with two FYW students today.

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