Lots of Consultations!

This week we've had (or at least I'VE had) a big increase in business. There have been a number of students from a specific FYW course, and I think that the professor has been suggesting that her students visit us when they meet with her one-on-one.

On Monday (3-8) I worked with three different students, and another was hoping to talk to me, but had to leave for class before his turn was reached. Three out of these four were FYW students, and the other was a senior. Tuesday, I worked with one student for over an hour, because no one was waiting and I was able to introduce her to many new search skills.

Also I did another class visit today (and have another on Th). This one was for a non-native speaker section of FYW. After my presentation the students had questions and many seemed very interested in the service.

I'm excited because I think that the combination of our outreach/advertising and impending research paper deadlines has worked its magic and we'll be spending more time working with students from now till the end of the semester.

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