Extra Credit/ Assignment Consulting

Last week we had our first run-in (this semester) with students from a FYW class who were coming to visit us as a class assignment. Between Francisco and I, we signed 10+ certificates. When we talked last Wednesday, Tony hadn't worked with anyone who needed a PRC certificate, but I'm sure he will :)

The structure of the sessions that are required are different from the ones when students come in with questions. The students that came in for an assignment had no expectations for the session, and just sat down to say "Hi, I need to come meet with you for a class." At first I was kind of lost, because usually I base my sessions around what the student already knows about research and the questions that they come in with. Most of these students had not started their research yet and couldn't identify the roadblocks they would encounter.

After working with the first of 5-7 students from the same class, I had a good idea of the expectations the instructor had research paper. I covered most of the same information with each student after that, but with a slightly different focus depending on their topic and how much information they had retained from the Unravel 2 online workshop they all had done. I showed each of them some basic mistakes people can make on the Library's homepage, introduced them to Academic Search Premier, and explained how to link GoogleScholar with the U's library databases.

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