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Richard Muller, a physicist and global warming skeptic has spent the last two years trying to find out if the mainstream hype regarding climate change were correct.

Muller, a physicist at the University of California, Berkeley, has been funding his own studies, which include studying temperature readings from Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

Muller's interest in the study formulated after a British scandal, which involved hacked e-mails of climate scientists.

Researches under Muller's lead examined the two main criticisms that climate change skeptics have. One is heat islands that skew temperature analysis and the other is that weather stations are unreliable.

The study did not address the cause of global warming but instead just found that indeed the land is 1.6 degrees warmer than it was in the 1950s.

2-year-old falls 6 stories and survives.

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Sunday night St. Paul police were called after a 2-year-old girl fell six stories from her apartment window.

The child was taken to St. Paul Children's Hospital where she was in serious condition following her fall.

Star Tribune reports there was an adult home at the time of the fall.

Police are investigating the incident but for now are calling the fall an accident.

The girl landed on a patch of class below the window but no further details have been provided.

Homeowners in Minneapolis who do not shovel their sidewalks may now face a $75 fine under a new Minneapolis Public Works proposal.

Current rules give homeowners 24 hours after snowfall ends to shovel and clear their sidewalks of snow.

If the city of Minneapolis receives a complaint, the homeowner is issued a warning. Under the new proposal a fine would be tacked onto this.

"Fining people into compliance isn't going to work," Gary Schiff, a city council member, said.

Schiff instead believes this would be the perfect opportunity to create more jobs in the county.

The city would hire low-skilled and underemployed workers to shovel the sidewalks of houses that do not take care of it themselves.

"We can assess the properties that aren't getting shoveled and we can bill the property owner," Schiff said of his proposal.

The city of Minneapolis hopes to have made a decision of the new rule by the end of November.

Benghazi, Libya-

Thousands of priceless gold, silver, and bronze coins dated back to the ancient times were the center of one of the biggest robberies in archaeological history.

The coins, known as the Treasure of Benghazi, were stolen from an underground vault after a gang drilled through the concrete ceiling.

"It may have been an inside job," Hafed Walda, a Libyan archaeologist based at King's College London said, "It appears to have been carried out by people who knew what they were looking for."

The Treasure of Benghazi coins were all stolen while items of lesser value were left untouched.

Foxnews reported other items that were stolen included medallions, jewelry, earrings, about 50 small monuments and figurines of bronze, glass, and ivory and some precious stones.

"The collection is not well studied," Serenella Ensoli, an Italian archaeologist at Second University of Naples said, "It is a huge loss for Libya's heritage."

Early snowstorms in October have left nearly 3 million homes and businesses without power in the Northeastern part of the US.

The surprising storm laid down as much as 27 inches of snow in Massachusetts according to msnbc.com.

Officials warn power could be out for up to a week. Still, some residents are trying to keep positive thoughts about this.

"I'm going to put another blanket on," said Peter Bloom, 70, of South Windsor, Connecticut, "What else can I do? At least I'll save a few bucks on my electric bill."

FoxNews.com reported that the bad weather was the blame for at least three deaths over the weekend. States of emergency were declared in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and parts of New York.

The National Weather Service reports that this storm marked only the fourth October day with measurable snowfall in Central Park since 1876.

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