Cairo- Violence breaks out between protestors and military.

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The protesters in Cairo and Egypt's military council butt heads again on Saturday, as the troops clears out thousands of demonstrators from Tharir Square, the New York Times reports.

Tear gas and rubber bullets were shot as the battles heated up Saturday evening. With at least three demonstrators reported dead because of the fights.

There were about 5,000 demonstrators in the square Sunday afternoon before the fighting broke out with the military. The number of demonstrators only grew as the day went on.

"I saw the revolution being slain so I had to come," Ahmed Hamza, 41, a lawyer, said watching the fray. Hamza told The Times that like many others, he was set to stay until the ruling military council forcefully carried out an exit plan. "Today there will be violence," he added.

Reports indicated that more than 700 people had been injured. Demonstrators created and maintained a makeshift hospital in a mosque near the square to treat injured protestors. Nearly 400 people were treated there from serious injuries and a couple hundred more were treated from the tear gas.

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