Late season duck hunting

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The cool, dry Minnesota air fills up around the hunters as the sun shows its rays for the first time. An ice layer on the water and a drizzle of willow leaves lets them leave in their boat, off to find the game.

They rode off into the lake and as a result of the sun's first morning sun rays, ducks in the water and in the air.

"It's not quite the perfect duck camp, but, well, yeah, it's a dream," Mark Voerding, whose duck camp that was, confessed to the Pioneer Press.

Duck camps, and what was left of old ones, were perched throughout the rolling farmland and body of water, near the shore.

As duck hunters grow old, retire or simply die, there are less hunters out and less camps in use.

Minnesota reported about 90,000 registered hunters this year, which is well below the 130,000 reported a decade ago. The result being duck camps go empty this time of the year.

Perhaps because of the increased duck numbers or the change of season the numbers went up from previous years. Only time will tell how the waterflow of hunters will continue.

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