Occupy Protesters, Evicted.

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For the past two months Zuccotti Park in Manhattan has been thriving with drummers, protesters, passer-byers, journalists, and other groups of people.

Wednesday morning, a lone man sat on a marble ledge frantically scribbling in his journal. Two officers chatted and told stories, passing time during their shift. Crossing guards ushered people across the street. Everything seemed "Back to normal."

Back to normal- the protesters had been evicted from the park and for the first time since September, things seemed to return to the usual.

Many of the residents in the area say the eviction was a breath of fresh air. "It was nice to have my neighborhood back," Karen Greenspan, 52, who lives less than a block from the park told the New York Times. "I could actually see the ground."

Officials estimate that the protesters have caused the city nearly $3 million a month with the increase of police presence.

The protesters are not about to back down just yet though. According to their website there will be another gathering and protest planned for late in the week.

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