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Feed My Starving Children- Goal Reached

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Feed My Starving Children, a Minnesota-based organization has well over exceeded it's giving goal for this year.

Earlier this summer, the organization set a goal of five million meals to be sent to East Africa. This week they announced that they not old reached their goal, they surpassed it, sending nearly 11 millions meals by the end of 2011.

"There are those moments when you just stop and you've got to be so grateful for the response and what we're able to do," Mark Crea, CEO of Feed My Starving Children told Kare11.

Crea said that most of the gracious response was a result of generous volunteers, donors, and corporations.

"It's just giving, and it doesn't take a whole lot," Tiffany House, a volunteer said, "We always have plenty of food on our tables, and most of them don't have anything."

2-year-old missing in Detroit after alleged carjacking

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Police are on a search for the 2-year-old girl who went missing in Detroit Friday monring after her father was allegedly carjacked.

Deandre Lane, claims he was carjacked at gunpoint and they took off with his daughter, Bianca, in the backseat.

Lane has spent time in prison on charges of narcotics and weapons.

Family members of Lane doubt his story because he called his girlfriend before calling police after the alleged carjack.

"Just please take her to a hospital, a church, a drug store, anywhere, and just leave her somewhere safe, anywhere we can find her," Bianca's mother, Banika Jones, said at a press conference.

ABC News reports that Lane is cooperating while in custody, but has recently failed a polygraph test.

"I'm praying that she is still with us because I wanna see that little girl again," Bianca's uncle, Jerry Weaver, said.

Officials wonder if kidnapping Al Qaeda's new weapon

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An American aid worker who was kidnapped back in August is now being held hostage by Al Qaeda in Pakistan.

Warren Weinstein is the first private American citizen to be kidnapped in Pakistan since the 2002 execution of Daniel Pearl.

Weinstein was a respected development expert whose work was very uncontroversial, working with dairy farmers and furniture sellers.

ABC News reports that Al Qaeda listed of nine demands in a video which includes the release of Talaban and Al Qaeda prisoners everywhere including Guantanamo Bay.

Officials say that the kidnapping should not come as a surprise. When troops captured Bin Laden in May, they found documents stating how Al Qaeda wanted to get back into the kidnapping business in order to make money.

Weinstein's kidnapping appears to be more about making a political statement officials believe.

A house fire on Wednesday morning in North Minneapolis left one man dead and two firefighters injured.

The victim who was inside the supposed to be vacant house was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center after a firefighter gave him first aid. He was later pronounced dead.

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries after they fell through the floor of the burning house.

The house, which was supposed to be vacant left authorities puzzled as to why the man was in there.

"As you look at the building you'll notice that there is a piece of plywood on the front door," Dep. Chief Todd Steinhilber, of the Minneapolis Fire Department told Kare11. "One of the crew went to the back door immediately and found the backdoor wide open."

Maple Grove student burned during Science class

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A freshman student was hospitalized Thursday after a science experiment went wrong at Maple Grove school.

Dane Neuberger, 15, and three other students were in the front row when their teacher was performing an experiment with flammable liquids.

"Finally he put methanol in a big jug and dropped a match in there," Neuberger told KSTP. "And that's the last I know. I was on fire and he was wrapping me with a fire proof blanket."

Neuberger and the three other students were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center. The other students were released for less severe burns.

Doctors say Neuberger should heal without scarring as long as the burns remain simple second degree burns.

"It's scary I wish it didn't happen," Neuberger said. "I try to avoid looking in the mirror though, I don't like what i see."

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