2-year-old missing in Detroit after alleged carjacking

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Police are on a search for the 2-year-old girl who went missing in Detroit Friday monring after her father was allegedly carjacked.

Deandre Lane, claims he was carjacked at gunpoint and they took off with his daughter, Bianca, in the backseat.

Lane has spent time in prison on charges of narcotics and weapons.

Family members of Lane doubt his story because he called his girlfriend before calling police after the alleged carjack.

"Just please take her to a hospital, a church, a drug store, anywhere, and just leave her somewhere safe, anywhere we can find her," Bianca's mother, Banika Jones, said at a press conference.

ABC News reports that Lane is cooperating while in custody, but has recently failed a polygraph test.

"I'm praying that she is still with us because I wanna see that little girl again," Bianca's uncle, Jerry Weaver, said.

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Let us pray the little girl is somewhere safe and that she is alive and well! However, I somehow cant believe her father, the one alleged in possession of firearms and illegal substances. Van

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