Maple Grove student burned during Science class

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A freshman student was hospitalized Thursday after a science experiment went wrong at Maple Grove school.

Dane Neuberger, 15, and three other students were in the front row when their teacher was performing an experiment with flammable liquids.

"Finally he put methanol in a big jug and dropped a match in there," Neuberger told KSTP. "And that's the last I know. I was on fire and he was wrapping me with a fire proof blanket."

Neuberger and the three other students were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center. The other students were released for less severe burns.

Doctors say Neuberger should heal without scarring as long as the burns remain simple second degree burns.

"It's scary I wish it didn't happen," Neuberger said. "I try to avoid looking in the mirror though, I don't like what i see."

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