Officials wonder if kidnapping Al Qaeda's new weapon

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An American aid worker who was kidnapped back in August is now being held hostage by Al Qaeda in Pakistan.

Warren Weinstein is the first private American citizen to be kidnapped in Pakistan since the 2002 execution of Daniel Pearl.

Weinstein was a respected development expert whose work was very uncontroversial, working with dairy farmers and furniture sellers.

ABC News reports that Al Qaeda listed of nine demands in a video which includes the release of Talaban and Al Qaeda prisoners everywhere including Guantanamo Bay.

Officials say that the kidnapping should not come as a surprise. When troops captured Bin Laden in May, they found documents stating how Al Qaeda wanted to get back into the kidnapping business in order to make money.

Weinstein's kidnapping appears to be more about making a political statement officials believe.

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Unfortunately, the capture of Bin Laden, could not stop this case of kidnapping. The case with Warren Weinstein has very sad story, as on the video that was released later on, he was asking from the president Obama to follow the demands of the terrorists, in order his life to be saved. But their requirements are just insane and it is well known fact that negotiating with terrorists can only bring more terrorism and kidnappings, so I feel really sorry for the kidnapped man and hope he can be rescued!


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