Barbara Ehrenreich 10/4/12

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There were some very important points that were brought up in in the Barbara Ehrenreich reading. When I think of the middle class, I think of that as the majority. This is a very stereotypical way of thinking, especially after reading this article, she points out that in reality only about 20% of the population would be considered 'middle class' I don't think that I necessarily look down on the working class, but media is really doing a good job of giving them a bad image. Honey Boo Boo was the media clip we viewed to portray some of these bad images of the working class. They are a southern family, that is portrayed as uneducated, obese, unhealthy, and just plain and simple out of the loop of normalcy. From the few scenes that I have seen of the show, I guess I have mixed emotions. First of all, I am shocked to see that there are actually these kind of people in the world, and also almost sad for their lifestyle. This gives the viewer the idea that all southern, working class families are similar to that of Honey Boo Boo and her family. My boyfriend originally grew up in Tennessee, and he has told me stories of people who fall under that stereotypical umbrella of the south, but obviously there are many normal families as well. The media needs to broaden the types of people that we see, and needs to stop portraying the working class negatively.

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