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SCORM, Unity and Java

This week I've done my initial proof of concept prototypes. I have a SCORM module that does a synchronous multi-user interaction and reports to the Moodle grade book. I tried modifying one of the Unity example rooms to do a physics model on the server, but I can't compile without the additional source code that comes with the licensed version. The purchase order is in.

As a workaround I made a Flash movie to run on the server and coded a bouncing ball in actionScript. It's working ok, but the clients are showing some jittery motion, likely caused by the server side movie being almost in sync with the clients. I'm sure the server side Java will run much smoother.

It's been years since I played with Java. The stupid thing about command line interface is that 'Documents and Settings' likes to be called DOCUME~1. Even stupider is that dots in folder names won't resolve - Try CD j2sdk1~1. You can't get there from here. You have to rename the folder. Microsoft can't figure out how to fix their command line parser after all these years. Does annoying Java users help save the world somehow?