November 10, 2006

Breeze Presenter in WebCt has limitations.

I've been asked to research some possible hook-ups using Presenter and WebCt. I always tell people that with Flash, Everything is Possible. Now think of WebCt and Powerpoint as the evil step sisters telling your instructional design to stay in the potato cellar. Here are some things you can and can't do with Presenter in WebCt.

Embed a Flash interaction in a Breeze Presentation: Yes, but no import at runtime. This means all content must be added to the Flash movie when it is being authored. For example the Language Flashcards load dozens of words and sound files at runtime.

Flash interaction in Breeze Presentation report to gradebook: No. I have not found a way to import a SCORM module into Breeze Presenter.

Breeze Quizzes in a Breeze Presentation report to WebCt gradebook: Yes, but as has always been the case , the grade cannot be released to the student nor can the SCORM grade be used in a calculated column. You get what you pay for. Wait, no we didnt!

Link to a WebCt discussion topic from a SCORM module or Content File: No. The discussion tool is not at a URL so it cannot be linked to. Confound and drat this Oracle LMS!

SCORM grading with import at runtime. Yes, but not from within a Breeze Presentation.

November 3, 2006

We are the champions

Nand won the eLearning category in Adobe's syncSWF contest 2006. You can find it at the exchange. Yes there is a prize, but the coolest thing is that you can search for Schubring on the Adobe site and get two results. I'm famous amoung the ten people in the world working on synchronous rich media.
I would also like to take a moment to celebrate my first official long-term gap in blog postings.

June 1, 2006

Sync SWF Overview

I've been working with a new extension for Breeze Meeting. The Sync SWF Meeting Extension allows remote instances of Flash movies to communicate in real time.

There are several use cases for synchronous rich-media interactions.
1) Shared interface - Multiple users have access to the same interface and see the results of each others' interactions.
2) Turn based game - Players take turns interacting with the interface. The interface would be rotated 180 degrees for one player, chess would be an example if this case.
3) Multi-player avatar game - Each player has a symbolic representation in the game interface. Joust is an example of this design.
4) Multiple workstation simulation - Each user chooses a workstation with it's own interface and interaction design. All users are working on a different part of a synchronous simulation. A lab environment would be an example of this design.

I have several prototypes developed to illustrate possible interaction designs.
Contact me if you would like a demo or more information.

Here's a link to learn about and download the Sync SWF Meeting Extension: