June 20, 2006

Spanking the uniMoodle

The uniMoodle URL is active. Unity is serving sockets like a sommelier. A synchronous application is running in the sidebar of my course. It works and I'm pleased as cheese.
One issue I had to clear up was detecting this._url and punching up the path of the xml config file. Same thing as in Vista, but easier because on Moodle files actually exist at a URL rather than in the RelativeResourcesManager (A.K.A. the Interzone).
My next step is to do a SCORM hookup for graded, group interactions. I'll also need to get the licensed uClient Core so the apps won't time out.


June 6, 2006

The birth of the uniMoodle

Project Description: persistent, synchronous multi-user simulations embedded in a Learning Management System. Another description would be graded rich-media group interactions. Virtual Lab.

A few weeks ago, I ported one of our Vista courses to the UofM Moodle Pilot Project. It works fine and I love the RSS sidebars. The only grief was converting the Respondus output to something Moodle would recognize.

I've reached the limits of Breeze Meeting syncSWF capabilities. The peer-to-peer event model isn't suitable for physics simulations in real time. Linking out to Breeze from a course is a drag and there's no way I know of to get a score back to Vista.

Moock is listed just before Moodle in the Nerd Dictionary. Why not run the Unity Multi-user Server on the same box as a Moodle? Unity offers a lot of the functionality of Flash Communication Server for a lot less money. In fact, the 5-user trial is free. That plus the $0.00 cost of Moodle is well within budget constraints.

Moon Unit

The CCE OIS department is being super helpful in providing a box and configuration assistance. Once we have a working prototype, I'll show it off to OIT and see if they want to put Unity on their Moodle Pilot.

You heard it here first.