June 9, 2006

Wimba in Vista?

I’m going to name-drop every learning technology keyword in an attempt to show up in your search results. Google just adores uThink.

Wimba is online voice tools provided by Horizon Wimba. There are synchronous and asynchronous tools. The most interesting to me is the Voice Board. It allows you to display a web page and participants can do a threaded discussion with audio posting. Participants see a Java applet that does the recording and transmission. The audio is stored by Horizon Wimba.

Word on the street is that ADCS may or may not add a Wimba power link to Vista in time for Fall ‘06. How do I know? I went to one of the many informative events available at the U. In the interest of even more search results, here’s a list of events where you can learn about Wikis and PodCasts and Blogs.

The iRoc Club
Educational Technologists Forum
TEL Seminar Series
University Technology Enhanced Learning Leaders
Emerging Digirati