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China blogger

This New York Time's profile represents the classic style and informative profile. From the first sentence, this profile is interesting because of the unique combination of skills and careers that Han has. Because blogging has become so popular, the fact that this man is the most widely read blogger in a country with a huge population, it makes the reader care about him and why there is a profile being written about him. The profile is sprinkled with China's history and culture, making it unique and informative, while still being easy to read. As I read through the profile, the wide range of talents continued to keep me captivated. Who would've thought a talented blogger and author would also be a racecar driver? The angle is extremely interesting!

Dale Hawkins obituary

Although I really like the way that this obituary is written, it doesn't include the day he died which isn't what we would normally see. This obituary is slightly different than a classic one because it is more of a response and opinionated obituary but the unique details and random short stories about Hawkins makes for a simple obit that makes you smile. The various song titles and lyrics throughout the piece help separate Hawkins life into different areas, similar to verses, which is suiting for the music genre. This obituary has a very whimsical feel which was enjoyable because of its uniqueness.

The Keepers profiles

The short profiles are a nice brief description of the various artists being honored at this show but I want more quotes from the artists. I like how each artist's profile has a different format. It keeps things interesting and it's nice to learn different things about different people. You can tell that the interviewer picked out the most interesting and quirky aspects of the individual artist and used them to make each person unique instead of having the exact same background information or random facts about all the artists. The writing style is different than we've been working with but it suits the subjects. I keep up with Metro Magazine and the profiles are a good example of the reason why I like this magazine; it's quirky and fresh and is a nice break from the classic newswriting.

Each profile contains brief background information about the person's education and style and doesn't include things that aren't necessary. If the artist's education isn't particularly interesting, it isn't focused on. If the person hit it big at a young age, it becomes a focal point. Every artist has such a different genre and I like the variety of those covered. The writing style is morphed to fit each artist's information and feel.


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