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Volunteering 4

I volunteered again today at the MNIC. I was working in the tutoring center working one-on-one with a student. We worked on English homework. She had much difficulty reading her homework so I ended up having to help her sound out words. Then, I would go back and explain in my own words what the story was about. Even though I could tell she was confused - and students often tend to just agree with you and say they understand - we had a good time. I felt like we connected on another level. We laughed and made jokes about small things. She was also very appreciative for my help. Volunteering at the same site this semester seems a bit different than last. I feel like I am connecting with the students. They often stop and say hi to me in the hallways or give passing smiles. It's nice that I am recognized at the school as a regular volunteer. My involvement isn't as painful as I first thought it would be. I am enjoying it thus far.