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Volunteering 6

Again today, I volunteered from 1:30-3:30 in Victor's art class. The students were working on making butterflies out of water bottles and painting them. The school has a cultural day coming up and so these "recycled butterflies" are going to be hung up along with some global warming banners and posters. From Victor's class I went to the homework center from 3:30-5pm. There, I helped a girl write a 5-paragraph essay on what she wanted to be when she grows up. Her ideal career would be as a registered nurse. I find it interesting, as I have helped others write essays also, that many of the girls I tutor want to some day become a registered nurse. The number one reason why they want to become a nurse (that I have seen) is because they want to help people. It's great hearing that they want to be active and have goals in their life to fulfill - especially due to the fact that most all of them are Somalian immigrants and haven't had much schooling in combination with assimilating to a new culture. I really hope these students will go on further with their education and succeed. Another time volunteering, as I was walking down the hallway with a girl, she said she hoped to get into Normandale Community College next year and hopefully the U of M 2 years after. It's really good hearing these students have set goals and are motivated which is sometimes hard when moving to a new country. So far, my volunteering at this school has been humbling and satisfying.