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Volunteering 8

Today was my last day of volunteering! I've reached my goal of 15 hours. I feel relieved that I'm done with it as final papers and projects are due and school is getting hectic! I worked in Victor's art class again. We worked on perspective drawings. Victor would demonstrate how to draw a cityscape in perspective on the whiteboard and the students would copy what he had. My job was to go around helping the students to make sure they would connect up the right lines and get a grasp of what was going on. Like I've mentioned before, most students haven't had any prior experience with art or concepts of art, so I had a lot of running around and helping of students to do. From there, I went up to the Homework Center and helped two girls white 5-paragraph essays. One girl was writing about what she is going to do on her birthday. The other was writing how she would solve illiteracy in Ethiopia.

Looking back on my overall volunteering experience, I have really enjoyed my time at the MNIC. I started volunteering there last fall with my Arch 1281 class and continued with them for this spring semester. I've learned how to deal and connect with those of other cultures as the MNIC is primarily attended by Somalians, some Hispanics, and other African countries (an English as a second language school). I've also learned they have an eagerness to learn and want to succeed in the American society. This is a great quality to see in these students. I can see great potential in them as many are saying that they want to go onto college even though they know they have a long way to go. This volunteering was worth the time and I hope to continue volunteering in other ways this summer and in the future.